The HTA Autosampler: What Are Its Benefits?

An autosampler automates the liquid sampling process by operating on a programmed time schedule, or in terms of conditions which can be interpreted by sensors. In either case, autosamplers increase the efficiency of gas chromatography (GC) sampling - a procedure where inlets were once filled by hand. Today, scientists can decide between several makes and types of autosamplers, of that The HTA L/S liquid sampler is one of many best. Featuring a simple, lightweight design and easy operating procedures, this autosampler offers the next benefits, amongst others:

Features an All-Electric Design that Eliminates the Have to Purchase Gases

The equipment's all-electric design allows laboratories to cut back operating costs by eliminating the necessity to buy a varian autosampler carrier gas for the mobile phase. For large laboratories and facilities that contain multiple laboratories, this may create meaningful savings.

Has Variable Injection / Syringe Fill Rates to Meet Process Requirements

Some autosamplers have a restricted range of injection and syringe fill rates, however The HTA autosampler includes a range that accommodates that many demanding process requirements. Whatever the GC sampling process you implement, this autosampler can meet its injection / syringe fill needs.

Uses Standard Syringes Instead of Proprietary Syringes

Ideally, an autosampler should use off-the-shelf syringes and not proprietary ones. In addition to costing a lot more than off-the-shelf syringes, proprietary syringes are difficult to supply on an emergency basis.

Has RS-232 Capability for Data Output to Computers

In scientific instruments, an RS-232 connector - in place of the universal serial bus - is preferred method for outputting data to computers, where it can be analyzed and archived.

Provides air gapping for added network security

Air gapping is an extra network security measure that prevents sensitive data from being stolen and repurposed. Whether your GC data is proprietary or confidential in nature, air gapping offers the best protection by physically, electronically, and electromagnetically separating your network from non-secure networks.

Offers wide syringe ranges between 5ul-250ul

A wide syringe range is preferred for laboratories that perform a variety of GC processes that need a varying range of syringe sizes. The 5ul-250ul range of The HTA autosampler is ideal.

Comes with a Simple to Control User Interface

The easier an autosampler interface is to operate, the better the GC process becomes. The HTA autosampler comes with a simple keypad design that allows you to set the apparatus to your particular GC process with ease. The interface control parameters are thoroughly explained in the owner's manual.

Features Multiple Tray Settings

In anticipation of numerous GC parameters, The HTA autosampler features three quantities of tray settings: 120 vials at 1.8ml per vial, 220 vials at.8ml per vile, and 60 vials at 10ml per vile.


The HTA autosampler is designed to automate every GC process and integrate seamlessly with GC equipment. In doing so, it delivers the benefits in the list above, among others. If your present autosamplers need replacement, contact a vendor of analytical equipment to find out about how a Cobra autosampler could benefit your GC needs.